On-Site Painting in Melbourne

On-Site Painting in Melbourne

There are some projects where Spray Painting on-site is the most appropriate course of action. While this presents some unique challenges, we have developed our own methods to make on-site Spray Painting possible. 

We love a challenge

Where others have seen on-site Spray Painting as too difficult, we have seen opportunities to be innovative and create new solutions. This has led us to take our skills and expert knowledge “on the road”. We can come to you, wherever you need top quality Spray Painting, anywhere in the Melbourne area.

Don’t settle for second rate options

This service is perfect for those situations when you realise that the items you have installed are the wrong colour. You will be relieved to know that all is not lost. Our On-Site Spray Painting service will give you the colour you want and with a standard of finish that is just not possible with a brush or a roller.

As part of our on-site service, we provide:

  • Full environmental protection using ground cover and full job encapsulation, when required.
  • A comprehensive Job Safety Analysis.
  • Height access equipment, when required.
  • Expertly trained staff, who have all of the appropriate OH&S qualifications including, White Cards, First Aid Certificates, Working at Heights and Boom Lift Tickets.

Windows: painting powder coating aluminium windows on site

Some customers require a different colour from the inside of the window to the outside, others have received windows off the boat that are scratched needing repair and others require faded powder coat to be refinished. We can handle all of these on your site to save you time.

On-site Window Re-spray Melbourne


Onsite respraying of powder coated aluminium windows offers the home owner and developer five distinct advantages over replacing the existing windows:

  • Saves on the cost of removing existing windows and tearing the building apart.
  • Saves on the cost of choosing and buying new windows.
  • Choose virtually ANY solid colour for the inside to match the room.
  • Choose the colour to match the outside of the building.
  • The inside and outside colours can be DIFFERENT.  This is typically not available from most window suppliers.

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