Spray Painting

Spray Painting

At Multicoat we recognise that when people think of Spray Painting, they think of it mainly in relation to cars. While there are a number of quality providers for that type of work, we specialise in providing spectacular coatings for individual car components, such as fuel tanks, dash board components, rims and much more. Our knowledge, experience and attention to detail, will make all the difference to your project.  

We take pride in our expertise in spray painting on just about any surface. The knowledge and experience that we have gained in over 20 years of providing specialist Spray Painting services to the Melbourne area means we can expertly advise, consult and paint a huge range of products and surfaces.

Multicoat has solutions for any application

We paint metals, wood, plastic and glass. We draw from a broad range of coating options to advise you on the right coating treatment for your job. This includes industrial, protective, decorator and automotive paints. 

Special applications

We can paint to your exact design specifications, including Military Painting. Our expert staff have many years of experience in complying with paint specifications written by coating specifiers. We can even write the coating specification for you so that you get the right coating treatment for your project and consistent standards are maintained for later production runs.

We like the hard stuff

This is where we excel. We actually like the hard stuff; those challenging projects that seem just too difficult to others. We think outside of the box to give you a result that can mean the difference between average and outstanding.

Which paint to use?

We work with our customers to determine the best way to approach each job. We have an extensive range of experience so we can offer the best application for each project. We are experts in using enamels, acrylics, polyurethane, 2 K automotive paints, acid catalysed acrylics, single pack epoxies, 2 pack epoxies, nitro cellulous lacquers and more.

How we can help you

Our range of experience is extensive. We cater for all of those special projects that mean so much to you. We understand just how important Spray Painting is to customers who are looking for the perfect finish when they are restoring doors for their homes, furniture or machinery. We appreciate that you have taken a good deal of care with your project and we take great pride in being able to provide that spectacular final coat for our customers.  

For those renovating their homes or redecorating, the coating on their light fittings, window frames or plantation shutters, can add the perfect finishing touches. 

Business owners know just how important that first impression is for their customers.  The presentation of your signage, furniture and equipment all add to the impression you give to your customers, so getting it right is vital. Talk to us about how you would like to improve the image of your business.

A painting solution for every project

So, whatever your project, be it metal castings, garden ornaments, sewerage treatment plants and equipment, electronic games, ladders, medical equipment, prototypes for the plastics industry, military missiles, and any of the many others we have completed over the years, you can be confident that Multicoat will look after you.