Window Frame Spray Painting - On-site


Spraying of metal window frames is only viable if you want a colour that is not available in the powder coat colour range or have very high quality steel or double glazed windows and they have an  existing undamaged coating. Windows are now so cheap that manual respraying properly is unviable. Windows frames that are anodised are not suitable for respraying. Of course, you will be able to get them sprayed cheaply but you get what you pay for ....

On-site Spray Painting of Powder Coated aluminium window frames gives renovators and home decorators an exciting range of colour and design options that were not previously possible. Now there is no reason to be restricted in your colour and design choices because of the colour of your scratched and fading window frames. 

Multicoat’s On-site Spray Painting service, available throughout Melbourne, offers the home owner, renovator and developer five distinct advantages over replacement of existing windows:

  • For double glazed windows it can save you money. You can forget about the cost of removing existing windows and the damage that removal causes to your building. Multicoat On-site Spray Painting gives you the result you are after with minimal impact on your existing building.
  • It saves you even more because you don’t need to spend the time and money necessary to purchase and install new windows.

Can the inside colour of window frames be different from the outside? You bet!

  • The inside and outside colours can be DIFFERENT. That’s right, you can have a completely different colour on the inside of your window frame to the outside. We specialise in this type of window treatment while most other window suppliers and coating services won’t even consider it.
  • You can choose virtually ANY colour for the inside to coordinate with the other design features and colours within the home or building.
  • You can also enhance the street appeal of your property simply by choosing a different colour on the outside.

Is it possible to refinish damaged window frames? Absolutely!

Sometimes buying something new doesn’t mean that it is blemish free. Builders and home renovators have come to us in increasing numbers, when they have taken delivery of “new” windows that have been damaged in transport or later during the building process. Unfortunately, damage done by plasterers is also common.

Refinishing damaged window frames

You are not stuck with those imperfections that occur far too often. And, you don’t need to settle for an amateurish “fix” or any second-rate application such as pressure packs. We are absolutely committed to providing top quality finishes and Multicoat on-site spray painting can give your project that professional look that you have worked so hard to achieve.

We’ll help you find the best solution for your damaged window frames.