Multicoat's Time Line

The following time line details some of the key events in the development of Multicoat.


Multicoat founded. Chris Sweetnam takes over a small but well-regarded coatings business in Rowville. Multicoat starts off with three staff including Chris. They work in a tiny 200m2 factory and have a small but loyal customer base. Job size is restricted by the limited factory space. Equipment is good but becoming outdated.  


Multicoat replaces old equipment with state-of-the-art Gema Powder Coating equipment. This is a significant transformation in the early stages of Multicoat’s development. The new equipment provides an improved level of surface finish and is more efficient than the older equipment that it replaces.


Further equipment purchases include a new Nordson dust collector to replace the old Cyclone dust collector and bag house. A new parts handling system is designed and built featuring the new equipment and this further improves not only the quality of finishes but also reduces processing times.  


Multicoat moves to 7 Laser Drive, Rowville taking over another powder coating business. Factory size has now grown to 600m2. The larger premises are necessary due to increasing demand for our coating services. Multicoat also installs a new oven to cater for the growing customer demand for the Powder Coating of larger objects.


A new 5 stage chromate pre-treatment system for aluminium is commissioned. This further expands Multicoat’s range of finishes by allowing us to offer our customers chrome plating of aluminium.


Continued growth in sales requires a further expansion of our factory into 5 Laser Drive, Rowville. This effectively doubles our factory space to 1200m2. Additional equipment is installed including a new Powder Coating booth, an overhead crane and an even larger oven suitable for large aluminium extrusions.


Concerned about maintaining and extending professionalism in the coatings industry, the School of Powder Coating is established on the Multicoat premises. The school provides formal training for Powder Coaters from across the industry as well as coating inspectors.

Multicoat staff numbers have now grown to 15 dedicated professionals.