School of Powder Coating

The School of Powder Coating was established by the Australasian Institute of Surface Finishing to raise professional standards, for the whole of the Powder Coating industry. 

The school is located within the Multicoat factory where we have a dedicated spray booth, oven, coating guns, presentation equipment and testing equipment.

Raising industry standards

We have always been committed to the ongoing training of our staff and now we train many of our competitors’ staff as well. Our goal is to raise the level of professionalism in the whole industry. 

Our trainers are experts in Powder Coating. Not only do they have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of Powder Coating, they are working professionals who are applying what they know to a broad range of applications, every working day.

And, we love what we do so much, that we want to share our knowledge and expertise with others. Our purpose is not to sell you a product or equipment, but to share our knowledge of Powder Coating.

We know that this approach leads to a healthy Powder Coating industry that is constantly improving the quality of coating finishes, and everyone benefits.  

Best Practice Training

The School of Powder Coating provides industry best practice training for batch powder coating owners and applicators in Australia.

The courses we will offer are:

  • Introduction to Powder Coating - 2 days
  • Learn to Powder Coat
  • Recoating Workshop
  • Powder coating for Coating Inspectors, Engineers and Architects

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