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Things to know

What is Spray Painting?

Powder coating compared to paint

Curing:  Paint needs time and temperature to "dry" or cure.  The time curing takes depends on the paint, the ambient temperature and the time since the paint was sprayed.  This is in total contrast to powder coating, which is totally cured once cooled after baking.  Packing or working on the part before total cure is reached may lead to damage of the coating. 

Paint Types:  All paints are not created equal.  Unless you specify the paint we are to use, we will use the paint that best suits the purpose.  This depends on turn around time, quality required and the price you are willing to pay. 

Substrates:  Painting wood is not the same as painting plastic is not the same a painting metal.  Wood and plastic are porous in comparison to metals so they will absorb chemicals in the paint whilst metals will not.  This is one reason why the plastic bumper bar on your car looks different to the body even though the paint is the same.

Industrial Finish:  (Compare to Automotive Finish)  Paint will have visible inclusions in the finish and may have considerable orange peel.  The paint will usually not be as UV stable as automotive paint. 

Automotive Finish:  (Compare to Industrial Finish).  Finish will be mostly inclusion free.  Orange peel can be eliminated.